We want every stage of your journey to be as easy as, and that goes for parking too. Long- or short-term parking is affordable, simple and secure, all in the one convenient location, and 24/7, year-round. Our Customer Services team can help with any queries you may have. Just pay them a visit at their desk in the terminal, or follow steps 01 – 04 below for peerless parking happiness.

If you are a frequent traveller with no time to spare, why not grab a Dunedin Airport Car Park Debit Card!
Preload your card with parking cash, then simply use it as you would your regular parking ticket during your barrier entry and exit.

No need to queue at a terminal Payment Station – your card is automatically debited with the correct parking fee as you exit with your vehicle, with remaining balance displayed on both entry and exit. Funds will never expire, and you can always find up-to-date parking fees right here at the bottom of this page.

Interested? Fill out the application form to order yours today.

For a quick goodbye, use our super-convenient drop-off zone. You’ll find this alongside the terminal at its far end, but please don’t leave your vehicle unattended – you’ll risk a $70 clamp as we try and keep this area clear for other customers like yourself. Need a bit longer for some fond farewells? Your first 15 minutes in the airport car park are free of charge. For pick-ups make your way through into the car park area. Then you can leave your vehicle and pop into the terminal for that warm welcome. And as we said above the first 15 minutes is on us. 

Designated mobility parking areas are easy to find in the car park nearest the terminal entrance. Don’t forget to display your mobility sticker, please.

Let us look after your car keys safely while you travel. Head for the Information Desk in the terminal where you can complete a key-drop envelope, before popping it in our secure key box at the desk. Only $5 for holiday peace of mind.



On entering carpark you will receive a ticket.



Find a park and take your ticket with you.



Before heading to your vehicle, pay for your parking at a Pay Station inside the terminal.



Drive to an exit and insert your ticket, see you next time.


The car park operates 24-hours-a-day, year-round. It’s well lit at night and has perimeter barriers. Although the Airport provides regular security patrols, parking remains at owners’ own risk.

Regardless of your length of stay in the car park, you do not need to pre-book your car parking.

Up to 24 hours
0 - 15 minutes Free
15 - 30 minutes $3.00
30 - 45 minutes $5.50
45 - 60 minutes $7.00
60 - 75 minutes $8.50
75 - 90 minutes $9.50
90 - 120 minutes $10.50
Then $3.00 per hour
1st day maximum $31.50
One day to one week
1st day $31.50
There after $6.50 per 12 hours
1st week maximum $87.50
More than one week
1st week $87.50
There after $8.50 per day
Up to $59.50 per week