Our Plans for 2024

23 February 2024

Dunedin Airport continues to develop and strengthen our long-standing relationships with airlines partners, identifying opportunities to collaborate on, and initiatives that create demand in and out of our region.

In 2024 our team will be advocating and building connectivity both directly and indirectly (via codeshare and airline alliance agreement) for the region. Our activity plans include:

  • Supporting the Southern Way - watch out for new initiatives in the collaborative campaigns that encourage the exploration of our regions arriving at one airport and departing from another — this term is called open-jaw travel!

  • Investment in the future — a considerable programme of capital investment projects will be undertaken in the coming years

  • Sustainability — focusing on a decarbonatization programme and ensuring Dunedin Airport is meeting changes in consumer expectations.

  • Collaboration — strengthening our collaboration with the Southern Airport Alliance — Queenstown, Dunedin and Invercargill

Our team know how important visitors are to our region and are working hard with our partners to continue to grow the benefits of tourism for the good of our community:

2023 BERL Economic Impact Study results showed:

  • In 2023, the Airport, its campus, and domestic visitors generated an estimated $140 million in GDP and employed an estimated 1,223 FTEs in Dunedin City.

  • The total economic impact of the Airport, its campus, and domestic as well as international visitors for 2019 was $177 million to GDP, supporting 1,679 FTEs.

What is the process for securing an international flight?

The process begins with Dunedin Airport's long-standing relationships with local and international airlines. Our team must be able to demonstrate measurable demand between both ends of a route. The current and future global economic situation, suitable airline availability and airport capability must also be taken into account.

Our strategy is to sustainably share the lower South Island with the world,
connecting people, business and communities to our taonga, our unique part of the world. Key to our success is ensuring that we have a collaborative approach by all sectors of our community when approaching airline partners.

Our customers don't fly to an airport, they fly to a destination. Any proposal is much stronger when regional RTOs, local government, Chamber of Commerce, business partners and industry are working together. This collaboration is crucial, as it illustrates to the airline that there is a commitment to the development and sustainability of any service they introduce.

The aviation development process is a long one, airlines are not able to make quick decisions. As airlines only have a certain number of aircraft, it is imperative for them to make sure the demand exists to warrant a direct service, and one that can be both sustainable and profitable.

Our partnerships

Dunedin Airport's comprehensive industry partnerships strengthen our regional voice for additional flights.

Our team ensures our airline partners are continually kept informed on what's
happening in our region, updating them on activity that may impact demand and therefore look for opportunities to increase capacity, where the airline is able to.

Dunedin Airport have worked closely with Air New Zealand over the years, collaborating on joint campaigns to drive both domestic and international
visitation into Dunedin.

Our industry partners include:

  • Southern Airports Alliance — this MOU fosters a collaborative working relationship across the Lower South and to make a positive contribution to the region.

  • Southern Way regional tourism collaboration — recently incorporated new imagery into the airport terminal to promote the beauty of the lower south, celebration all of the 8 RTOs/regions in the Lower South NZ.

  • Strong relationships with our long-standing airline partners and great engagement with new partners

  • Airline industry relationships — both locally and nationally

  • Prior to the DUD-BNE service stopping, we partnered with Virgin Australia on a number of campaigns to help support the BNE service, both outbound and inbound. This involved collaboration with Brisbane marketing, Queensland Tourism and Brisbane Airport.

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Our Plans for 2024