Dunedin Airport introduces new Aviation Security systems

26 June 2024

Flying out of Dunedin is about to become even easier, with the introduction of a best-in-class airport security system from next week.

Dunedin Airport, with The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand and Aviation Security Service, is introducing new technology for a smoother journey, without compromising safety. The tech, known as C3, allows travellers to keep electronics in their bags—including laptops, phones, and iPads. Personal items including powders, liquids, aerosols, and gels can also stay packed.

Dunedin Airport CEO Daniel De Bono said the shift to C3 will ensure airport security is a more streamlined experience.

“The shift to this technology will mean travellers enjoy an easier, faster journey through airport security. Travellers will no longer have to remove various items from their bags, saving time and stress during security checks.

“Dunedin Airport is the gateway to so many adventures and we are pleased to announce this news today, knowing that it will make travel that much more enjoyable for our customers.”

The system will be introduced from the first flight on Monday, 1 July.

How it works

The C3 system uses CBS CT (CTiX) machines, enabling them to be checked without removal. Dunedin's Aviation Security Service issued a stakeholder update, noting that the new screening technology meets international regulatory requirements in both the USA and EU, ensuring the highest level of security.

Travellers will see signage at the screening points outlining the new changes, and staff will support customers to understand the changes. There may be some delays during the early stages of the transition, but over time the change will ensure a more streamlined security process. If a customer has already removed an item from their bag, they can leave it unpacked, in the interests of screening point efficiency.

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Dunedin Airport introduces new Aviation Security systems